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The City that Does Not Reveal Itself
The New Mall
The Platform Series
Golden Gate Park
Trees in Golden Gate Park
Buildings and a Power Station
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San Francisco by Ear
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San Francisco by Ear

SF by Ear is a collaborative project in which artists create work based on conversations overheard and collected in San Francisco.

How  the San Francisco by Ear Project started - Michele Anderson and Leslie Lowinger teamed up, aesthetically speaking, six months ago. Both are fueled by their mutual fascination with eavesdropping, voyeurism and life in a big city

Finding she had too much time on her hands, Michele Anderson began riding the buses of San Francisco, jotting down bits and pieces of conversations circulating around the typically packed, creaky Muni buses. Leslie Lowinger always had wanted to combine words with images, and saw Michele's "found phrases" and creative eavesdropping as the ideal opportunity for a collaboration: words, images -- colluding.  

Michele Anderson is a San Francisco journalist and mortgage slave who was first published in the Federal Supplement (she had penned a densely worded legal opinion on anti-knock gasoline). She now rides the buses of San Francisco, gleaning bons mots from just about anyone who breathes.

The City that Does Not Reveal It's Secrets

Etching and computer prints by Leslie Lowinger

San Francisco by Ear Artists

Herb Dang 

Claudia Kussano

Leslie Lowinger

Sarah Newton

Anthony Ryan